Travel information



Direct flights exist from most major airports in North America, Europe, India, China, Thailand and Africa, by El Al Israel Airlines as well as by other international carriers. It is recommended to book your international air travel to/from Ben Gurion International Airport (Tel Aviv) with your local travel agent and/or on the internet. The airport is located approximately 35 mins drive from the Conference venue.

Transportation from Ben-Gurion Airport to the Conference venue (Tel Aviv)

By private taxi

Taxis are available outside of the Arrivals Hall (Level G) of Ben Gurion Airport at a cost of approximately 150-200 Shekels (US$ 45-57) and the average trip is about 35 – 50 minutes (depending on traffic).

By public transportation

Trains are available outside of the Arrivals Hall (Level G) of Ben Gurion Airport at a cost of 13.5 Shekels (US$ 4) and the average trip is about 10 mins till the first stop of Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv Hahagana.

Click here to view the train schedule.

From Tel Aviv Hahagana Bus No 16 can be taken at a cost of approximately 6 Shekels (US$1.8) until Hananya/Hayarkon stop, which is located 3 mins walk from the Conference venue.

Travel agent


Target Conferences is the official travel agent for the Conference and are offering special reduced rates for accommodation at the conference venue and neighboring hotels.


Target Conferences is offering special pre and post conference tours. Optional, tailor-made, private car tours can be arranged upon request.

Letter of Invitation

Upon request, the local Secretariat will send a personal letter of invitation to participate in the Conference. It should be understood that such an invitation is only meant to assist participants raise travel funds or obtain a visa and does not represent a commitment on the part of the Organizing Committee. If such a letter is needed please contact


Prior to booking your ticket, don’t forget to ensure that your passport is valid until at least 6 months after entry into Israel. Participants from most countries do not require a visa to enter Israel, but we suggest that you check this with your travel agent or on the website of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Climate and Clothing

The weather in Tel Aviv in May is hot with highs of approx. 25°-30°C during the day and lows of 20°C in the evening.

Local Currency

The local currency in Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). As of today (February 2019):

Time Zone

Israel is at UTC+02:00 zone.


The electrical power supply “voltage” in Israel is: 220-240 Volts (U.S./Canada: 110-120 Volts)

Important Notes

Personal travel, luggage and health insurance are recommended. Please purchase this from your local travel agent. Kindly note the organizers and other sponsors cannot be responsible for participants lacking appropriate insurance coverage. All tours are booked on the express condition that Target Conferences shall not be held responsible for and shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any loss, damage, injury or accident, to any person or his or her luggage or any other property, for any reason whatsoever.