The event offers attendees three, two or one day intense training courses by leading cyber, internet, application security specialists from the 26-28 May, 2019 in Tel Aviv.

To register for the trainings, go to the registration page.

Course titleLengthDays
Advanced Web Hacking with Dhruv Shah and Sunil Yadav (NotSoSecure) 3 Days Sun/Mon/Tue
DevSecOps MasterClass with Abhay Bhargav (we45) 3 Days Sun/Mon/Tue
Advanced Whiteboard hacking – aka hands-on Threat Modeling with Steven Wierckx (Toreon) 2 Days Mon/Tue
An Introduction to Hacking Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts with Mick Ayzenberg (Security Innovation) 2 Days Mon/Tue
Hands-on Secure Coding in Node.js with Chetan Karande 2 Days Mon/Tue
Seth & Ken’s Excellent Adventures (in Code Review) with Ken Johnson and Seth Law 2 Days Mon/Tue
Web Application Hacking with Burp Suite and OWASP ZAP (For Women) with Vandana Verma 1 Day Tue